"Innovation: France joins the world's top 10 and ahead of the United States
June 15, 2017 - Martin BUREAU / AFP
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France is benefiting from a sharp rise in productivity but is seeing the number of its researchers dedicated to new technologies decrease.

It's a first. According to an annual ranking by Bloomberg, the United States is no longer in the top 10 in the world of innovation and slip from 9th to 11th place. France is going the opposite way and thus passes from the 11th to the 9th place. On the podium, South Korea and Sweden remain respectively on the first and second step, ahead of Singapore, which gains three places.

To establish this ranking 2017, each country was given a score on 100 by Bloomberg which is based on seven criteria: expenditures for innovations related to GDP, value added manufacturing, the number of companies working in the high technologies, the productivity of scientific discoveries, the dynamism of the tertiary sector, the number of researchers compared to the population and the number of patents filed.

Classement 2017 de l'innovation

France must above all its entry into the top 10 to a strong increase in productivity (+4 places compared to 2016).
France nevertheless sees the number of its researchers dedicated to innovation decrease (-3 places).

For their part, the United States was mainly penalized by its lack of dynamism in the tertiary sector, and particularly in the university education of scientists and engineers. Value creation is also declining, but the world's largest economy remains the one with the most high-tech companies.

And the situation should not improve across the Atlantic, according to Robert Atkinson, president of the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. He notes that "other nations have responded by pursuing smart, well-funded innovation policies, with particular emphasis on technology commercialization initiatives."


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