Greek-French scent prizes for innovative ideas

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If you are convinced of the hypnotic ... valerian action, the beneficial properties of chamomile as antiseptic and calendula as a healing oil, then the next news is about you.

Innovation Center Aroma Hub, based in Patras, with the active support of the French Embassy in Greece, announces the 1st Pan-Hellenic Competition for Innovative Business Idea and New Entrepreneurship in Aromatic and Medicinal Plants. Are targeted at individuals and groups who have an innovative idea but have not established a company so far, as well as start-ups that have been active for up to five years. The proposed innovation can be implemented at any stage in the plant production or exploitation line. Participation in the contest (April 13-30) is free of charge, simply requires an online application to be filled in. The results will be announced on May 18th at a special event at the Patras Science Park.

The branch of aromatic plants, with which Greek nature is endowed, is rapidly growing and is promising for the Greek economy. Aromatic and medicinal plants are the raw material in food, beverage, cosmetics, soap industries, agrochemicals and others. The application of innovative methods in the process of producing and utilizing products can bring impressive results.

The ideas that will stand out will gain: providing Aroma Hub scientific guidance, providing the National Documentation Center, hospitality at the Orange Grove Patras incubator (first prize), licensing software from InSyBio, transferring know-how from the National Documentation Center (second and third prize).

The first prize winner will have access to the MAZINNOV Franco-German innovation network and a host of support services from Aroma Hub, the National Documentation Center and other leading institutions (TOPIA architects, Inno4agrifood, In4Capital) for the effective use of social media marketing, participating in European programs and finding investors. Corresponding services at smaller ranges are provided for both smaller awards. [...] For its part, Aroma Hub will offer laboratory analyzes in the field of plant protection, genetics and chemical analysis, microbial load, antioxidant and cosmetic action valued at 500 euros, according to the needs of each group of winners.


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