Greek innovation and fresh business ideas meet with French at the 2nd French-Greek MAZINNOV forum today and tomorrow at Technopolis in Gazi. Dozens of startupers, new and experienced entrepreneurs, in every field, want to showcase their products and services and look for collaborations either to materialize their ideas or expand their business. The Renewable Energy Agency was at the beginning of the forum, which was attended by French Ambassador Christophe Chantepy.
Among the startups we found:

Babylon Gardens, which, according to Spiros Kouvelis, has the most sophisticated green roof technology in the world because it combines very little weight. Another part of the organization is about adoptions. At this evening's event, where about 20 startup adoptions or new businesses are expected to be made by experts, L 'Oreal Hellas is expected to adopt Bubbling.

Bubbllz has developed an application that "enables companies to reward the user of social media who talk about their products and services. It is an application based on the assumption that the user of social media, which is every citizen, has the power in his hands, "said Alexa Bry, the communications director for communications.
Another application that is looking for its way through the Mazinovv organization is called ICONEM. It presents through special glasses three-dimensional archaeological sites and monuments. The 3D presentation of Delos has already been completed, followed by Delphi and other archaeological sites.

The "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs" program had its own stand. This European program is an umbrella for helping startups and new innovative businesses. It was launched immediately after the onset of the global financial crisis in response to the entrepreneurial deficit in Europe and the need to boost cross-border trade in the EU.


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