The French-Greek business and innovation network "Mazinnov" is back for the 2nd year in a row in Athens, on November 10 and 11. The forum will allow private and public actors, both French and Greek, to meet. 

"Mazinnov" is a cooperation networl between French and Greek innovation structures. It expresses the will of both countries to turn innovation into one of their principal cooperation priorities, as decided by the "Strategic partnership for the future", signed on October 23rd, 2015 in Athens. 

The Mazinnov network addresses different innovation actors, such as Startups and Scale-ups, innovation firms, incubators, accelerators, competitiveness hubs, searchers, colleges, technology transfer businesses. 

There will be more than 150 members of the network during the 2 days of the network. This includes the application calls "Adopt a startup", "Imagine", as well as workshops about smart cities, art, and a "Landing Zone". What is more, 60 children from 9 to 12 will come present their vision for 2050. 


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