This year's "Mazinnov 2" Innovation Forum is being held on 10 and 11 November in Technopolis, at the initiative of the Embassy of France.

The beginning was done a year ago. When the foundations for the establishment of the Greek-French Innovation Network were introduced in November 2016. This year's "Mazinnov 2" Innovation Forum is being held on 10 and 11 November in Technopolis, at the initiative of the Embassy of France.

As the French Ambassador to Greece, Christophe Chantepy, at a press conference at the embassy, ​​the Mazinnov 2 Innovation Forum is in the spirit of historical Greek-French cooperation and mutual exchange of ideas on innovation and innovation.

"Innovation is the preparation of our common future"

The aim is to confirm the continuity in the operation of this Innovation Network, created last year with the participation of more than 150 Greeks and French.

"Innovation is the preparation of the future. Our common future. And we have to work at this level and ensure that there is continuity. We started the previous year, we continue the work this year and we will continue next year, "he said.

The work of the Innovation Forum during the weekend of 10 and 11 November in Technopolis will involve more than 300 Greek and French innovators, about 40 startups and "incubators". The work will unfold around two major initiatives: the adoption of startups by larger and more mature French and Greek companies, and the expression, through Imagine, of ideas that will present younger and younger Greeks about the future of Greece.

This second initiative will give children from 9 to 12 years of age the opportunity to express their dreams for Greece in 2050.

"There will be three workshops. A workshop for the Smart City, a workshop that will present the tools that has a startup to evolve and a workshop that links art with the business. At the same time, startupers and entrepreneurs will make short presentations of innovations in their areas of interest.

"Innovation can be born, and sometimes favored, when the economic and social spheres are fragile. Because it is characteristic of man to look up. And when the economic and social situation is weighing on the shoulders, the man needs to pull his head out of the water and look up, "said Mr. Chantepy. 


Innovation is not a luxury

Innovation is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Innovation is based on cooperation in participation, based on civil society, on the participation of people, often coming from the world of startups and business, all those people whose actions offer something positive for life in Athens, a city with a vulnerable population. But that is precisely what is the driving force behind innovation, said Amalia Zepou on behalf of the City of Athens, assistant and partner at the initiative of the Embassy of France.


A new beginning for Greece

New ideas, initiatives, new efforts and a new start are what Greece needs today, said Evi Polyzogopoulou on behalf of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation participating in the Mazinnov Network.

The initiative will link France's pioneering ideas with pioneering initiatives that may be developed in Greece. The Foundation has already been a supporter of such ideas. In particular, the 100 million initiative to re-launch young people, with the aim of giving young people the opportunity to stay in Greece and create their own place, added.


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