Following the successful organization of 2016, the French Embassy in Athens organizes the 2nd French-Hellenic Innovation Forum "Mazinnov", the two days of 10 and 11 November in Technopolis, Gazi.

At the first meeting of leaders of the French and Greek Innovation Ecosystems there were 400 participations, 75 speakers, including 15 incubators, eight universities and research centers, ten banks and financial institutions, 31 newborn and bigger businesses, nine hours of continuous pens, roundtables and laboratories.
The 2016 Forum was the first act of mutual recognition of innovation players, both French and Greek. It has shown a shared vision of innovation based on our cultural proximity and the importance we attach to the social purpose of innovation.

This year, the forum aims to encourage the emergence and development of innovative projects so that the wealth of ideas in this pool can be made to help decision makers and public and private businessmen who build the world of tomorrow.

The originality of the MAZINNOV 2 Forum lies in the encounter of the classical innovation ecosystem with all those who, irrespective of their age and location, are the carriers of innovative ideas and envision the world of tomorrow.

MAZINNOV 2 focuses on two modules: "Adopt a Start-Up" and "Imagine the Greece of Tomorrow". In the first, companies are invited to adopt a start-up business and the second younger and younger are invited to think of Greece tomorrow and envision in 2050.


The MAZINNOV 2 Forum is aimed at the following audiences:
Representatives of the French and Greek innovation ecosystem, members or not of the MAZINNOV network (start-ups and non-start-ups, incubators, classmates, laboratories, clubs, networks, etc.).

  • Representatives of academic and scientific communities linked to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Active members of the Youth Innovation Network.
  • Users or potential users of innovation innovation makerspace.
  • Large French and Greek businesses.
  • Banks, investors and chambers.
  • Ministries and public institutions.
  • Local governments of Greece and France.
  • Students.
  • Primary and secondary school pupils and schools.

Candidates can apply:

  • Any Greek or French business or other structure, irrespective of the status and field of activity that wishes to adopt a start-up, Greek or French, and to accompany its development at national or international level.
  • Every newly established enterprise or organization of a Greek or French project, irrespective of its status and field of activity, seeking international openness to develop its own innovation.
  • Every person is the creator of a groundbreaking idea linked to one of the issues of "Vision Greece tomorrow".  

Sponsors can be:

  • Any business, institution or organization that wants to support the chicks of innovation and shares the values ​​of MAZINNOV.
  • Every SME interested in innovation.
  • Any person wishing to support the MAZINNOV network.


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