The program, highlights, speakers, participants and sponsors of the 2nd Greco-French Innovation Forum "MAZINNOV", to be held in Technopolis (Gazi) on 10 and 11 November 2017, were presented in detail during the press conference that received country at the Embassy of France.



One year after the first successful organization (November 25, 2016, French Institute of Greece), the first act of mutual recognition of the innovation factors from both countries through a common vision based on their cultural proximity, the MAZINNOV network was developed widened thanks to the willingness of participants in the first Forum to continue exchanges and collaborations. The MAZINNOV map, which reflects the values ​​and missions of the new network, was signed by 135 founding members, enriched each month and supports initiatives, collaborations, events and mobility between the two ecosystems. MAZINNOV also has the initiative to involve Greek newcomers in major events in Paris, where Greek students enjoy high-level scientific visits to develop collaborations with the largest research centers in France.

"It is our commitment and joy to help Greece get out of the crisis," said Ambassador of France to Greece, Christophe Sande, who was also the host of the event. "It is a decision that President Olland had expressed during his visit to Athens two years ago, and President Macron repeated recently. The word "support" is not right because it involves the participation of the two countries at the level of economic and innovation, which is the preparation of our common future, "the French ambassador said, before thanking and presenting some of the participants (a start-up which provides free tools for guiding ideas until the final implementation), donors, supporters and sponsors of the event.

Amalia Zepou, Deputy Mayor of Civil Society and Innovation of the City of Athens, underlined the importance of the two countries' cooperation in building a compact civil society, adding that the fragility of Athens is an asset that favors mood for innovation.

At the first meeting of representatives of the French and Greek Innovation Ecosystems, a total of 400 participations, 75 speakers, including 15 incubators, 8 universities and research centers, 10 banks and financial institutions, 31 newcomers and larger companies, roundtables and workshops. The second event aims to consolidate the Network and is expected to accommodate 300 innovation factors, 45 start-ups and 150 MAZINOV players.

In this context, the two main pillars of the two-day event are titled: "Adopted a start-up" where companies are invited to adopt a start-up business and "Vision Greece tomorrow", where young people of all ages are invited to think about Greece tomorrow and envision in 2050.

The MAZINNOV 2 Forum aims to attract representatives of the French-Greek innovation ecosystem (start-ups and incubators, incubators, laboratories, associations, networks, academic and scientific communities), major French and Greek companies, banks, investors and chambers, ministries and public institutions, local governments in Greece and France, as well as students, students and schools. Candidates for participation may apply to French or Greek companies wishing to support a start-up at national / international level or seeking an international opening to develop their own innovation, but also any person associated with one of the subjects of " Imagine Greece of tomorrow. "

The program includes a welcome reception at the Ambassador's residence in France on November 9, while during the next two days the main body of the event will be held with workshops and presentations in the plenary of the conference, discussions, business and sponsors' stands, presentations and films from 60 pupils in primary and secondary education. The most interesting piece may be an Idea Contest, which will take place on the last day (November 11th) and concerns issues of agriculture, tourism, environment, energy, state reform, maritime, financial, art within the business. The best ideas will be selected by a jury composed of public and private decision makers.

The number and quality of Greek and French participations, as well as the expected significant public turnout, will be largely covered by the Greek and French media, in particular by the press and television. A press room will be held during the meetings to facilitate interviews and meetings.


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