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"Participation" in the development of Greece wants to be France according to what he said today at a press conference at the conference "Mazinnov" French - Greek innovation network the Ambassador of France to Greece Christophe Chantepy. France committed two years ago with President Hollande and recently with President Macron's visit to support and contribute to the revival of the Greek economy.

In this context Christophe Chantepy informed about the 2 nd forum Mazinnov "French - Greek innovation network, which takes place in Technopolis on 10 - 11 November 2017, after the first successful event last year.

More than 150 players of the Greno-French innovation network Mazinnov, 300 innovation players, there will be about 40 stands for start-ups, incubators and businesses, 45 contestants start-ups to be adopted by French and Greek businesses, 43 contestants to explore present their own idea or their own vision for their country, a jury composed of a variety of personalities to distinguish the best ideas, 60 children between 9-12 years of age how do they imagine 2050?

Among donors and associates of the conference:

Airfrance, a French company that carries more than 87 million passengers a year. Aviation supports many innovation projects through Hakathon.

Athens International Airport, AIA, which hosts over 20 million travelers every year.

Groupama Insurance, which is on 13th place in the insurance market, cooperates with 907 agencies and has 27 points of sale all over Greece **. It is noted that Groupama organized the Hakaton in November 2016 in cooperation with Corallia.

** According to newer information from Groupama, insurance is on the 10th place of the market, it cooperates with 900 agencies and has 14 points of sale all over Greece.


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