Greece and France are innovating together to build competitive economies in rising Europe, building on the strong ties between the two peoples. 

This is the spirit of the 2nd Mazinnov2 Innovation Forum (innovating together) held on November 10 and 11 in Technopolis where Greek and French startupers, students, researchers, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to unfold their business vision for Greece tomorrow and join forces.

In an interview with the Macedonian News Agency on the occasion of the Mazinnov2 organization, French Ambassador to Greece Christophe Sandeep explains that France is a leader in innovation, Greece has a very good ecosystem and that it is an opportunity, the traditional close relations of the two peoples to re-emerge with joint creation.

The Mazinnov map, signed at the end of the first forum in November 2016, already has 160 signatures, and for this year's event, more than 50 startupers have expressed a desire to be "adopted" by more mature businesses, are interested in "adopting".

Innovation always gives impetus to humanity, says the French ambassador, stating that the digital world is only a part of it. There are innovative ideas across the whole range of life, concerning, for example, society and art. This will be shown in the two-day "Mazinnov2", in workshops such as the "smart city" and the link between "art and business" and the "pint" of chickens of innovation.

As a prime example of inspiration, Mr. Santez reports the Parthenon. It is not the first temple, but it is unique because it was studied with an innovative spirit so that there is a perfect result, he stresses.

In the wake of the visit of French President Emmanuel Makron to Greece, he says that his double objective was to support the recovery of the Greek economy - that is why it was accompanied by many powerful businesses - as well as the first overall presentation of his proposals on the future of Europe , which was made by Pnyka. So far, no co-operation contracts have been signed since the visit, although some are in the works, he notes, not wanting to reveal them before they are completed.

Referring to the Europe of the future, the French Ambassador notes that "it must clearly show its citizens that it can offer them protection and prospect." All of them agree and on this basis preparations should be made in the next 18 months for the European elections, for the Europe of the future.

He points out that despite the rise of the anti-European forces, when the words are over and the peoples are "before the decisions", they prove "their strong commitment to Europe" and this was demonstrated in the recent elections in France and Germany.

Especially for Greece, she says that after so many sacrifices of the people, she has a "good prospect" in front of her, regaining her "autonomy" and wishes the Greeks not to change their character. "They are wonderful, they remain hospitable, they know how to move forward and continue to exist," he says.


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