"Greece is a country of innovation, a country of entrepreneurship development, a country that offers real opportunities, especially at this stage where we hope to see the restart of the economy." Mazinov initiated by the French Embassy in Athens with the support of the Greek French Chamber of Commerce gathers all the French and Greek start-ups and is, in my opinion, the symbol of the future, what must be the future of every country, be it Greece or France. "
This was the resounding message of French Ambassador to Greece Christophe Chantepy, with his statements at FMVoice.gr, on the occasion of the yesterday's informative meeting for the second MAZINOV forum to be held on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th November 2017 in Technopolis, Athens. According to the French Ambassador to Greece in the second forum there will be more than 50 Greek and French startups who will exchange knowledge, experiences and launch their new actions. According to the program, there will be a module representing the "image". Students of the French-Greek school will come and make a short presentation of a plan that has been elaborated and describe what they think and dream. At the same time, there will be three workshops. One for the smart city, a more technical one to put the tools on the table, I need a startup to develop and thirdly a workshop that links art to business.
The originality of the MAZINNOV 2 Forum lies in the encounter of the classical innovation ecosystem with all those who, irrespective of their age and location, are innovative ideas and envision the world of tomorrow. This option for the elimination of watertightness and diversity is an ambition of the MAZINNOV network. From these two findings, the two axes of the MAZINOV 2 forum: "Adopted a start-up" and "Vision of tomorrow's Greece" are the two pillars of the event that will last for a two-day event and will gather those who do not imagine the future simply and only as an increased or potential reality of the present, but as a new model entirely groundbreaking.
  • "Adopt a start-up": Businesses are invited to adopt a start-up business.    
  • "Imagine the Greece of tomorrow": younger and less young people are invited to think of Greece tomorrow and envision in 2050. 
The MAZINNOV network was born thanks to the willingness of the participants in the first innovation forum to continue exchanges and partnerships. The MAZINNOV map, which reflects the values ​​and missions of the new network, was signed by 135 founding members. It is enriched every month with new members and supports initiatives, partnerships, events and mobility between the two ecosystems.
MAZINNOV also has the initiative to involve Greek novice businesses in major events in Paris, such as City Hall Hacking and VivaTechnology. Greek students are offered high-level scientific stays to develop collaborations with the largest research centers in France. It is worth mentioning that France ranks third in innovation, followed by the United States and Japan and is ahead of all other European countries (Clavirate Analytics 2017). The most dynamic public innovation organization in the world is the French (the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission, CEA). The largest digital incubator around the world is located in Paris (Station F).
In 2016, French start-ups raised more than two billion euros of venture capital. The Greek ecosystem aspires to an international opening. The French ecosystem is looking for collaborations abroad. This convergence of interests is at the heart of the strategic partnership for the future that is the backbone of the Greek-French cooperation.
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