On the occasion of the 2nd Greek-French Forum MAZINNOV we talked with Christophe Chantepy, the French Ambassador to Athens, for the great business innovation event organized by the French Embassy in Athens and begins tomorrow, Friday, 10/11, in Technopolis, Gazi, as well as for its bilateral relations Greece and France in many areas. As mentioned above, the MAZINNOV Forum started as an initiative of the French Embassy in Athens one year ago but after the close relations between the participants it was decided to create an innovation network between the two countries with 150 founding members of the MAZINNOV Charter.
This opens up a new channel of communication and cooperation between the Startups of the two countries, which has already yielded results as Mr Chantepy says. Several Greek Startups have already participated in major events in France and have made significant contacts and partnerships there.
2o MAZINNOV: Greek-French business innovation axis
In the second MAZINNOV this relationship will be further strengthened as even the fifty Startups who will participate tomorrow and the day after tomorrow at the Forum will have the opportunity to be "adopted" by Greek and French companies in order to accelerate their development but also possible new partnerships. Mr Chantepy also underlined France's support at many levels during the crisis either indirectly through the 100 French subsidiaries operating in Greece or through the Strategic Partnership between Greece and France signed in 2015, the security sector and how to deal with terrorist threats.
The program of events and speeches of the Forum
Finally, by closing this extremely interesting interview, the French ambassador noted that his goal is MAZINNOV to become an autonomous living organism of innovation and co-operation between the two ecosystems and stood out particularly on the second day of the Forum where influential people of entrepreneurship, science, arts, education and young children will "imagine" Greece and Europe of 2050.
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