For the second year this year, the 2nd Greek-French Innovation Forum "MAZINNOV" is being held in Technopolis in Gazi on November 10 and 11 with a rich and extremely useful program for the Greek Startups ecosystem.

The first MAZINNOV forum, held in November last year with more than 120 Greek and French institutions, educational institutions and businesses from Greece and France, was organized by the Embassy of France and the Hellenic-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry as part of the commitment made by the President France and the Greek Prime Minister by signing the Strategic Partnership between the two countries in 2016.

The participants of the first forum decided to continue the partnerships and contacts between the two business ecosystems by signing the MAZINNOV Charter with 135 founding members. In this context, several Greek Startups have already visited major events in Paris but also Greek students have visited large academic and research centers.

"It is our commitment and pleasure to help Greece get out of the crisis," said French Ambassador to Greece Christophe Chantepy, who opened the information event at the French Embassy last week, in Greek ! "It is a decision that President Olland had expressed during his visit to Athens two years ago, and President Macron repeated recently. The word "support" is not right because it involves the participation of the two countries in terms of economic and innovation, which is the preparation of our common future. "

This year, the two main pieces of the event are: "Adopted a Startup" and "Vision Tomorrow Greece", while three thematic workshops will be held: Smart Cities, Art and Entrepreneurship and Landing Zone. Also, 60 children of 9-12 years will be invited to envision Greece and the world of 2050, while there will be two competitions, one of which involves the participation of 45 Startups, the best of which will be "adopted" by French and Greek companies.


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