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"It is our commitment to supporting Greece from France," said French Ambassador to Athens Christophe Chantepy, presenting in the embassy building the 2nd Mazinnov, the innovation forum that the French Embassy successfully launched last year in 2016.

On November 10 and 11, at Technopolis in Gazi, sponsors from Greece and France will meet, such as Piraeus Bank, Air France, Athens International Airport, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Zolotas and Groupama, start ups, innovation players, people with new business ideas to find interested and invited guests from Greece and France, who will accompany the three thematic workshops "Smart Cities", "Adopt a Startup" and "Imagine".

This year's competition will be run by 45 newcomers to be adopted by a Greek or French company to develop their entrepreneurship. In addition, 43 people will compete for the most successful concept, and 60 children from 9 to 12 will describe how they imagine 2050.

Certainly in Greece we have a lot of ideas, inexhaustible imagination and, above all, a huge appetite to make statements and promises. The point is when all these hypothetical essays have to be implemented. Then, for the most part, the data becomes disappointing. Either the stakeholders themselves think that the obstacles are enormous for the realization of their idea, or because the environment is very hostile to Greece for new ideas.

The fact is that sooner or later a startup business will face the problems faced and a developed business. And it is not just the dozens of bureaucratic problems that are interfering, but the whole context is distinguished by unexpected difficulties.

Due to a strike, the invitation to the Mazinnov presentation was postponed from Tuesday 24th October to Thursday 26th October. That Thursday, access was difficult in the center of Athens due to a metro strike, while at the time of the presentation of the program, voices were heard from a demonstration at Vasilissis Sophia.

The result is that Greece is lagging behind in new ventures with many other European countries. Young people prefer to look for employment elsewhere rather than to try in Greece, causing a huge burst of trained and good working ethics of youth potential.

Initiatives such as the Mazinnov Forum, although they will not halt the flight abroad, are gradually changing attitudes to the Greek youth population. Perhaps this will change the decade's vision of appointment to any post in a municipality, a municipal enterprise or, at best, the coveted public, with which the Greek youth is raised. And maybe this way stops the good minds from bleeding from Greek production in other countries inside and outside the European Union.


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