The second forum of the Greek-French innovation network Mazinnov is being held on November 10 and 11, 2017, in Technopolis, Gazi. The audience will have the opportunity to hear and meet innovative entrepreneurs, French and Greeks, and participate in the Mazinnov programs. The two main themes are titled "Adopt a start-up" and "Vision Greece tomorrow". The Mazinnov 2 Forum targets the following audiences:     

  • Representatives of the French and Greek innovation ecosystem, members or not of the MAZINNOV network (start-ups and non-start-ups, incubators, classmates, laboratories, clubs, networks, etc.).
  • Representatives of academic and scientific communities linked to innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Active members of the Youth Innovation Network.     
  • Users or potential users of innovation innovation makerspace.     
  • Large French and Greek businesses.    
  • Banks, investors and chambers.     
  • Ministries and public institutions.     
  • Local governments of Greece and France.     
  • Students.     
  • Primary and secondary school pupils and schools.
The first Greek-French Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum was organized on 24 and 25 November 2016 at the French Institute of Greece with 400 entries, 75 speakers including 15 incubators, 8 universities and research centers, 10 banks and financial institutions, 31 newcomers and larger companies The Forum, according to the French Embassy in Greece, has been the first act of mutual recognition of innovation factors, both French and Greek. It has shown a shared vision of innovation based on our cultural proximity and the importance we attach to the social purpose of innovation. More information is available on Mazinnov's Facebook page and at www.mazinnov.com
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