Patras: Untapped treasure of aromatic and medicinal plants - "Run" contest

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Greece has a hidden, untapped treasure which consists in more than 500 varieties of aromatic and medicinal plants that thrive in our country, whereas the second country at European level is Spain with only 75 species.This entails a tremendous wealth, which is a "field of glory" for the development of innovative businesses.
In order to encourage and exploit this sector, Aroma Innovation Hub organizes the first pan-Hellenic competition for innovative entrepreneurship and innovative business idea in Aromatic and Medicinal Plants.
The contest is supported by the Patras Science Park, the Greek League Young Entrepreneurs (OESYNE), the Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Business Development in Western Greece, the Entrepreneurship Support Center andInnovation (ACEin), Mindspace, the Organic Products Network,, the Youth Entrepreneurship Club and the AcademyEntrepreneurship, with  participation is free of charge.

Yesterday [editors note: 12/04/2018], in the event hall of the French Institute of Patras, a press conference was held, announcing the details of the competition, as well as its purpose, with the presence of several interested parties, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Achaia Pl. Marlafeka and the Deputy Regional Director for Rural Development, Costas Mitropoulos.


The competition launched yesterday and will run until 30 April is targeted at start-ups and individuals or groups with innovative business ideas at the entire production line of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants
(cultivation, standardization, production of health and nutrition products). Interested parties can complete the application on the Aroma Hub website at the following address:, while the evaluation of the applications will be made by three independent reviews committees and the results will be announced at an event open to public with prizes and presentations of the winners in the Science Park Patras on 18 May 2018.


Among the sponsors of the competition is the French-Greek Innovation Network Mazinnov, which was presented by the French Embassy ​​Olivier Dovegne. As the network was created in 2015 and already has 135 members, its main purpose is to be the bridge of innovation and entrepreneurship between France and Greece. "Our goal to promote start-ups companies, research centers and universities. France's interest in this sector of aromatic and medicinal plants is very large, "said Dovegne.The main purpose of the competition, as well as the significant benefits for those who are distinguished, were Mrs. Aigli Korfiati from InSyBio, the patriarchal company that develops IT software for new businesses, and Dimitris Trachillis from the Patras Science Park.


Part of the organizer of the contest, Aroma Innovation Hub, spoke to Petros Kritsonis, who presented her main lines of action. As stated, "Aroma Innovation Hub is the first Greek innovation hub with an emphasis on the development, production and exploitation of aromatic and medicinal plants. Its purpose is to promote the partnership of the academic community with research institutions and businesses by undertaking to deepen the interconnection of academic and professional space to enhance entrepreneurship that is involved in agri-food and plant health products. Members of the node, which now number ten, can gain new perspectives on research projects, new technologies and significant collaborations. "Mr. Kritsonis also stressed that there is a lot of interest in the aromatic and medicinal plants sector, which he described as "hidden untapped treasure".




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