Startups in Greece – 2018 Report by Found.ation
Found.ation and EIT Digital, in partnership with Velocity.Partners VC, have released the Startups in Greece report for the 2nd consecutive year.
The report is a study of the Greek startup ecosystem in relation to the country’s financial situation and provides valuable insights of the Greek startup scene and its development over the years.
The top 10 most funded startups in Greece in 2018 are listed, and an update on the most funded startups and top 10 exists of all time is provided. Two of the largest startup exists in Greece, Beat and Quizdom, share their stories, describing what followed after their successful exits.
We comprehensively documented and present the accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces in the Greek ecosystem, in addition to the hackathons and other relevant competitions that took place.
Furthermore, the report presents the EquiFund programme which became active in 2018, as well as the independently managed funds responsible for managing the venture capital that is offered via it, including the startups that received the investments.
Finally, the report takes a closer look on the startups in the pre-seed and seed stages in the Greek ecosystem, analyzing data provided by Velocity.Partners VC and building the profile of startups and their development.
Looking for the 2017 report? You can find it here.


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