The Squeeze (March 2018)

The Squeeze pitching contest of spring 2018 will take place on March 8th 2018 at Orange Grove.The final prizes are €15.000 and €10.000 in prize money.The rotating panel of judges consists of acclaimed founder, investors and business professionals.

The competition is based on television formats like Shark Tank and Dragons’ Den, with 8 startups to pitch to a 300+ people audience, which includes angel investors, VC’s, startups, business professionals and entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

Big Data Fair Paris (March 2018)

The Salon Big Data Paris will take place on March 12th/13th at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. For the 7th year in a row, the most emblematic fiures of the sector will be present for a 48h immersion in the future of data driven enterprise! True innovation laboratory, the summit will showcase the experience of more than 100 visionnary speakers.

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Panel discussion on IA at the French Institute

During the "Journée des Talents" (Talentsday) the French Institute of Greece organised a debate focused on new trends affecting the labour market. Ths year, on Friday 23th March, it tackled the issue of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on work. A team of French and Greek experts  gathered to discuss smart vehicles, face recognition softwares, algorytmic finance, computer generated diagnostics, ... Will IA create or kill work?

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Innovative Youth (February 2018)

On February 1st 2018 took place the first Innovative Youth Event of 2018 at the French Institute of Greece. This event, in the framework of Mazinnov, was part of a cycle of event to showcase new, innovative and mesmerizing ideas from French and Greek Entrepreneurs. This time, we invited startups from the foodtech. Jimini's and its insects-based rackers, Tassiopée and its edible coffee cup, FEED and its all in one beverage, AVOYOG and its avocado and yoghurt whey based smoothie and Natural Food Additives and its natural antioxydants.

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