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For creative designers at the University of Patras

Do you like Graphic Design & want to know more about his relationship with the game industry?

BEST Patras for the 4th consecutive year from 2 to 3 Mars 2109, gives the opportunity to the students of the University of Patras to take part in a two-day seminar on Graphic Design with the BeCreative Seminars!

Know how to create simple 3D graphics for creating electronic games, digital visualizations, and how these models can evolve to make them procedural.

- workshops on 3D graphics and their use for the creation of video games as well as digital visualizations/ the SideFX Hüudini tool and methods and techniques will be introduced to develop the first day models to make them procedural.

The number of participants is limited !

Entries to:
http://www.bestpatras.gr/events-gr/3dartworkshop/ until Wednesday 27/2!



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