December 16, 2017 - 10h-14h30
@Project Beagle HQ, 5 Aggelou Pirri, 11527, Athens
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In this highly interactive seminar we will do a gentle re-introduction to Scrum ...with a twist.

We will first go over the Scrum basics with John Pagonis and then talk live (over the net) with one of the world's most acclaimed authorities on Scrum, James Coplien (a.k.a "Cope").

Cope will discuss some common misconceptions about Scrum and then will answer our questions. So be prepared to bring-in anyhting that troubles you about Scrum and get the best expert advise!


The day's session will look roughly like the following:

Part I - Scrum basics

  • What is Scrum (really now)
  • Scrum origins
  • Scrum roles and interactions
  • Scrum events and cadence
  • Product backlog vs Sprint backlog
  • Scrum artefacts (DoD, team agreement, retro log, DoR)
  • Backlog refinement
  • Visual management

Part II - Going deeper

We will discuss one of the folowing:

  • UX Design + Scrum
  • Scrum + Lean Startup for product discovery
  • Retrospectives
  • User stories
  • User story mapping
  • DoR, DoD and best practices
  • But we're in a waterfall org

Part III - Discussion with James Coplien

  • Scrum quiz
  • Scrum misconceptions
  • Your questions


This seminar is designed for those who:

  1. had exposure to Scrum but didn't manage to get it to work quite right
  2. want to start with Scrum on solid foundations
  3. tried Scrum and ended up hating it for some reason
  4. want to improve their Scrum basics




How come the price is so low?

This is the first time we try such a seminar format, therefore we decided to heavily discount the event and keep it down to 21 participants only!


What can I bring into the event?

You may want to bring your favourite notebook or your laptop ;-)


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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