December 14th, 2017 - 10h-14h
@SourceLair HQ, 6 Platia Agion Theodoron, 105 61 Athens

Join us for a 4-hour full hands-on workshop about Getting Started with Docker on Thursday 14 December 2017 at SourceLair HQ, delivered by SourceLair co-founder and CTO, Docker Captain and Docker Certified Associate Antonis Kalipetis.

* Who should attend *

- Developers and System Administrators willing to improve their software delivery process
- Developers from companies that want to use Docker in various ways, but with limited time to explore it
- Developers that want to learn how Docker can fit in their every day lives

* Prerequisites * 

- Basic programming skills
- Bringing your own laptop

* What you will learn *

- What is Docker
- How Docker can help build and ship better software
- How Docker compares to existing solutions (e.g. VMs and bare metal)
- The fundamental Docker building blocks: Containers, Images and Volumes
- How to start your next app with Docker
- How to start migrating your existing apps to Docker

* Instructors *

The event will be led by Antonis Kalipetis with personal hands-on assistance from Paris Kasidiaris and Dimitris Togias.

* Goodies *

- This event has promotional pricing, as it's the first one in a series
- This event is super private with limited seating. Get the most of the instructors' attention!
- Enjoy free cofee and lunch during the event


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