Historically in the field of Tourism and especially when examining the high performance of exceptional Hotels, we find that one factor is crucial to their success stories: the human factor. Hence, many experts agree that providing excellent hotel services requires not only specialized executives or well-versed and experienced staff members but something even more essential: the right person, in the right place. We knew what had to be done. And no-one was doing it. So we took it upon ourselves, to create a Human Resource company dedicated to the Hotel Industry and unique in its function: it would be the first Greek online platform to connect the Employers with the Employees. The direction we took on creating the platform of InnJobs, can be characterized by our dedication to one simple principle: immediacy. In our era, when the time has become the most valuable currency, we provide each employer with the ability to seek staff from all over Greece in seconds, having a complete picture of the individual and the power to carry out a video-interview without making a step. Furthermore, through our platform each employer can choose between hundreds of professionals, organized and divided according to their specialty, creating the perfect environment of equal opportunities and making it easy for the employers, to find employees truly capable of making their business

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