Lean & Green Industrial Innovation-CEO


Lean & Green Industrial Innovation-CEO

Hi there!Actually, I am a man who has been living all his life outside of the so-called "comfort zone"It can be seen, just by having even a quick view of my CV, attached in two versions :One detailed version.One brief version Apart from the CV s, I would like to give you some additional info, to support why I believe that I would be an interesting speaker for your event.I started my career by rejecting my constant appointment as a teacher in the secondary public technical education.I never regret it for this choice, despite the fact that my professional life was (and still is ...) full of difficulties and bets which must be won on daily basis, which of course I faced as challenges rather than as obstacles. Talking now about my personal life I have to confess that  I have been suffering by the Parkinson s disease.OK!!!so what ? Life is going on. Show must go on .So my moto was and still is and will be "we will never die old evil " NEVER      

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