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Creativity Platform

Urban planner and geographer with a great passion for people, the networks they form and the creative and transformative power that everyone caries. Urged to empower, activate and facilitate citizens of all age, origin and background to shape their daily life and environment with collective processes.I am a co-founder of Creativity Platform NGO in Thessaloniki, Greece, coordinating various socio-cultural programs, among which are "Tópio: Creative Placemaking for Young Community Leaders", and "Open Schools in the Neighbourhood". As a freelancer, I also collaborate internationally with the dutch  urban development agency, STIPO, and I am a partner at the international network "The City at Eye Level", coordinating projects such as the "The City at Eye Level for Kids".Parallel to my professional activities, I enjoy listening, performing and researching music and music practices, by developing personal and team projects, such as the independent research project on the DIY music scene of Thessaloniki and its spatial and cultural contribution to the city, through experimental approaches such as psychogeography.

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