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The Foundation Lyon’s University aims to, in conjunction with the socio-economic world, contribute to Lyon’s university and its territory’s influence, internationally and in Lyon’s area and Saint-Etienne .

The socio-economic development of the territory is indeed linked with its higher education’s cluster, research and innovation.

The Foundation for Lyon’s University conducts actions, hosts foundations and raises funds for this shared ambition.

Citizen Entrepreneurs" (eg DE), the association that brings together the entire French entrepreneurial ecosystem.

GROUP 5 Holding SAL is a diversified investment and management holding company.
With over 50 years of combined experience in various fields, we pride ourselves on being engaged investors and developers of ideas and opportunities that create sustainable business growth, and empower people to realize their full potential.

Headquartered in Lebanon, with outreach operations in North Africa, the Levant and the Gulf, Group 5 accounts for cultural diversity while committing to the highest standards of quality and business integrity. We have a clear sense of why we exist; our mission is to achieve financially and environmentally sustainable results by assessing and developing strategies that are implemented across different markets and sectors, and are built on an in-depth analysis of the market insights and dynamics, using scientific methods and proper evaluation of local, regional and global business trends.

Group 5 currently holds a broad portfolio of high-performing and widely trusted companies and brands, harnessing their potential and expertise to achieve optimum results.

Helvia Technologies OÜ (Helvia) is a technology startup that specializes in Artificial Intelligence, providing end-to-end solutions for custom business applications. Through the experience of its founders in research in top universities and software engineering for enterprise solutions, Helvia is able to: perform knowledge transfer and product design applying academic research for novel software services; design the appropriate software architecture for such services and provide technical lead; and develop such services and applications and integrate them into larger software systems.Since 2016 Helvia has been undertaking projects related to the development of data-driven services for enterprise solutions such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Loyalty Platforms, as well as Conversational Interfaces and Smart Assistants in messaging applications, e.g., chatbots. In particular about Chat and Voice Assistants, Helvia has developed the "Helvia Bot Framework" which has been employed in research projects and commercial solutions, both as a standalone development platform and as a storytelling middleware that handles the dialog management for the assistants.Sample projects that Helvia offers consulting and development services: Kelly Services ( "Kelly Services, Inc. is an American office staffing and workforce solutions company that operates globally": Design and Development of Kelly Intranet Chatbot Assistant that operates inside Skype for Business and handles the Frequently Asked Questions of the company employees for common internal company procedures. SafeSize ( “The global leader in shoe recommendation and fitting advice”: Design and Development of Maia, a chatbot for running shoes recommendation. Docandu ( “Your healthcare in your pocket”: Consulting, Architecture Design, and Development. Pobuca ( “Meet PobucaBot, your virtual assistant”: Consulting and Development related to the UX for the chatbot. Covve ( “The one address book app every professional needs”: Consulting and Development for Data-driven functionalities. Exclusivi ( “Increase guest satisfaction. Sell more”: Design and Development of the Exclusivi Hotel chatbot.

Histovery conceives and produces solutions for the enhancement of cultural sites and museum collections thanks to new digital technologies.

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Founded in 2001, Ideas Laboratory® is a unique Open Lab within the French ecosystem. The Open Labs "are a place and a process carried out by various actors, aiming to renew the modalities of innovation and creation by implementing collaborative processes and iterative, open and giving rise to physical or virtual materialization.

Historically in the field of Tourism and especially when examining the high performance of exceptional Hotels, we find that one factor is crucial to their success stories: the human factor. Hence, many experts agree that providing excellent hotel services requires not only specialized executives or well-versed and experienced staff members but something even more essential: the right person, in the right place. We knew what had to be done. And no-one was doing it. So we took it upon ourselves, to create a Human Resource company dedicated to the Hotel Industry and unique in its function: it would be the first Greek online platform to connect the Employers with the Employees. The direction we took on creating the platform of InnJobs, can be characterized by our dedication to one simple principle: immediacy. In our era, when the time has become the most valuable currency, we provide each employer with the ability to seek staff from all over Greece in seconds, having a complete picture of the individual and the power to carry out a video-interview without making a step. Furthermore, through our platform each employer can choose between hundreds of professionals, organized and divided according to their specialty, creating the perfect environment of equal opportunities and making it easy for the employers, to find employees truly capable of making their business

The Institute For Desirable Futures is a non-profit organization whose mission in to rehabilitate the long-term in present decisions and to inspire the public debate of desirable futures. Laboratory, factory and workshop for ideas, the IDF defines itself as an intellectual Fab Lab, a shared and hybrid space of reflexion, experimentation and creation where everybody in his/her field of activity will be able to find tools and resources to reinvent.

We want to move towards a profound change in our economic model. This change will require moving forward step by step, with the transition taking place over long term.

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