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By supporting the growth and internationalization of companies through innovation.

BPI France, Public Bank of Investment is the trusted partner of entrepreneurs.

Thanks to our banking partners, investors, regions or institutions, BPI France multiplies funding for entrepreneurs.

BPI France teams deploy all their energy in regions to accompany you, you who bear high the colors of France, in your projects and your ambitions.

Entrepreneurs, welcome!

Proof of evidence authentication based on Computer Vision Algorithms and blockchain technologies.Eπαλήθευση αποδεικτικών στοιχείων χρησιμοποιώντας αλγόριθμους υπολογιστικής όρασης και block chain.

For more than 20 years, ADEME International has been bringing together innovative SMEs and ETIs interested by international markets. This network, led by the ADEME, allows its members to exchange in a privileged way with public actors in charge of foreign trade and experts in the environment and energy. The ADEME International Club allows you to identify your future French partners for the development of international projects in the fields of environment, energy and climate. The ADEME International Club promotes a French offer integrated into eco-technologies.

To date, 3 highly-specialised clusters have been developed: the mi-Cluster (nano/microelectronics-based systems and applications), the si-Cluster (space technologies and applications) and the gi-Cluster (gaming technologies and creative content).

Additionally, Corallia promotes the hyper-concentration of industrial members of clusters in the InnoHubs, in order to boost innovation exhibited in Greece and abroad. It currently operates three InnoHubs, in Athens and in Patras.

Urban planner and geographer with a great passion for people, the networks they form and the creative and transformative power that everyone caries. Urged to empower, activate and facilitate citizens of all age, origin and background to shape their daily life and environment with collective processes.I am a co-founder of Creativity Platform NGO in Thessaloniki, Greece, coordinating various socio-cultural programs, among which are "Tópio: Creative Placemaking for Young Community Leaders", and "Open Schools in the Neighbourhood". As a freelancer, I also collaborate internationally with the dutch  urban development agency, STIPO, and I am a partner at the international network "The City at Eye Level", coordinating projects such as the "The City at Eye Level for Kids".Parallel to my professional activities, I enjoy listening, performing and researching music and music practices, by developing personal and team projects, such as the independent research project on the DIY music scene of Thessaloniki and its spatial and cultural contribution to the city, through experimental approaches such as psychogeography.

We are Daily Plan, an application which can help anyone to control his own budget and keep it balanced in combination with more reliable and funnier way to spend his money on.

Dalkia, leader in energy services, provides innovative solutions to support the sustainable growth of cities and businesses. In an era of climate change, volatile energy prices and scarce resources, Dalkia off ers its clients proven expertise in developing, constructing and operating greener and more economical energy systems.

Producing energy efficiency is our business : From demand side management and optimized energy distribution to decentralized production using local resources. Dalkia is involved in every step of the energy chain, to improve performance.

I am an Ideas Curator & Speaker Coach working globally. People and ideas are at the heart of my journey. As an individual, my vision is to connect with you and together create an experience of effective communication and inspiration.

Enertime offers solutions for power production using heat sources at low or medium temperature.
Enertime offers MW-size turn-key solutions in various applications including:

  • Energy efficiency with waste heat recovery on industrial processes.
  • Geothermal energy.
  • Renewable and distributed energy.

Enertime brings innovative Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology to industrial customers and utilities. Enertime designs their own turbines and ORC modules to offer customized solutions according to each client’s needs.

The Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS) helps EU countries to design and carry out structural reforms as part of their efforts to support job creation and sustainable growth.

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