THE Athens Startup Business Incubator




Do you have an innovative business idea, but you hesitate to start?
Do you think Greece is perfect market to test and launch your product or service?

The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (A.C.C.I.) invites candidate startups focusing on the following sectors:

  1. Agri-food
  2. Culture - Tourism - Design intensive sectors (crafts - clothing - furniture)
  3. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  4. Environmental Technology & Energy (RES, energy saving, smart grids)
  5. Medicines / Health
  6. Intelligent and Sustainable Transport
  7. New Materials
  8. Shipbuilding

To apply for hosting at the Business Development Center (CEA) and most particular THE Athens Startup Business Incubator (THEA) for a period of 6 months.

The Incubator will provide startups with the following services:

  1. Hospitality for startups
  2. Coaching & mentoring Services (Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Legal, Accounting)
  3. Specialized education, training, seminars and bootcamps
  4. Networking actions to support startups through A.C.C.I.`s network and members
  5. Facilitation and know-how for accessing the Greek market
  6. Networking with the Greek and European startup ecosystem (e.g. participation in competitions and events)


Applications submitted by June 25, 2017 will be evaluated immediately in first come, first served basis. Selected startups will be invited to attend the Pre-incubation program provided by THEA for a 3-week duration.

During this time, startups will participate in focused actions to determine the feasibility of their business plan and to strengthen the business skills of the team members.

After the completion of the pre-incubation program, a 2nd evaluation will take place and the selected startups will be hosted for up to 6 months, benefiting from the full range of THEA’s well as support services.

To apply just follow 3 easy steps:

  1. visit our webpage at
  2. create an account
  3. fill-up the application form and submit

Our evaluation committee will take charge of your application and come back to you if selected!


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