As part of Horizon 2020, European Comission and European Research Council (ERC) are financing Research works.
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What? Different kinds of grants :
- ERC Starting grants: grants up to 1.500.000 for 5 years for promising early career researchers with 2 to 7 years of experience after PHD.
- ERC Consolidator grants: grants up to 2.000.000 for 5 years for excellent researchers with7 to 12 years experience after PHD.
- ERC Advance Grants: grants up to 2.500.000 for 5 years for established research leaders with recognised track record of research achievments.
- ERC Proof of Concept: grants up to 150.000 for existing ERC grant holders to bring their research ideas closer to market.
- ERC Synergy Grants: grants up to 10.000.000 for 6 years to adress ambitious research questions which can be answered only through coordinated work of small of 2-4 investigators.
- Additional Opportunities: for researchers who want to work with ERC grantees team.
Why? To support talented scientist producing excellence.
Who? Researchers of any nationality with at least 2-7 years of experience since completion of PHD, from any field of research, conducting research in public or private research organisation in EU member state or an associated country to Horizon 2020.
Before applying: contact your host institution and gather all the details, review your draft with different actors.
When? Deadline for Proof of Concept September 2018, for Advance Grants August 2018.
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