BLUEMED Survey, share your view on the Research and Innovation agenda for the Med!

Deadline : November 15th, 2017

Are you a researcher, a policy maker, an entrepreneur, or a representative of the civil society interested in the Mediterranean Blue Economy? Share your inputs to review the list of challenges, goals and actions of the BLUEMED agenda (BLUEMED-SRIA_Update_final.pdf) and analyse the key barriers and bottlenecks!

This survey is aimed at gathering expert and stakeholder views on key issues of the Mediterranean region, from all the possible perspectives, ecological, economical, technological, social, to help designing strategies for a sustainable development of the region in the specific framework of Blue Growth with the final scope of the well-being of region inhabitants.

BlueMed already identified several challenges and goals, presently described in the BLUEMED Strategic and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), which are now being refined and improved. To make this possible, your contribution and your suggestions are essential.
The survey is carried out in parallel in the nine EU countries participating in the BLUEMED CSA and will provide simultaneously a MED picture.

Survey and more information : please click here 



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