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 Apply to receive Sciences Po Students to for a Project Management experience

FROM 27/08/2019 TO 03/09/2019
The collective project transforms learning modes by mobilizing students over a long period of time (approximately 8 months), according to active modalities close to those of professionals in the field, and thus promotes the acquisition of soft skills sought by employers.

Placed in teams of 3 to 5, students who do not know each other, from different masters and often from different nationalities work together for the duration of the mission. The bias of the service of the collective projects is to place them closer to the realities of the professional life.

A tutor appointed by the partner meets with the students once a month and guides them through the project. While leaving the group free to determine its working methods, it provides a methodological framework and, as an expert, advice and scientific support.

The majority of students are very satisfied with their project. It is a real professional experience for them and this experience will enrich their CV and their network.

You may apply to receive students by filling out this form (in english)


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