Make our planet Great again, launch of 4 grant programs

Launched on June 2nd 2017 by the President of French Republic,                                                                   the initiative "Make Our Planet Great Again" enters a 2nd phase: after long stay research grants,  4 new grant programs are open to students, as well as doctoral and post-doctoral ones and researchers from the whole world. They are financed by the Departments of Foreign Affairs and of High Education, Research and Innovation of France (MEAE and MESRI).

There are 3 main research fields:
1. Earth Science System 
2. Climate Change and Sustainability Science
3. Energy Transition
The 4 grant programs starting in 2018 are:
during 2 years of Masters or 1 year of Masters 2 starting in fall 2018, for about 1060€/month.
for 3 years thesis.
You may apply from March 12th to April 6th 2018 on (except for the 3 years doctoral contracts for which you may apply from June 4th 2018 on). 
For more information:  Make Our Planet Great Again website.


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